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Voter Information

  • Voter ID Law: A photo ID is required to vote in person!
  • Voting Rights (Source: Texas Secretary of State)
    • You have the right to:
      • A ballot with written instructions on how to cast a ballot.
      • Ask the polling place official for instructions on how to cast a ballot (but not suggestions on how to vote).
      • Cast your vote in secret and free from intimidation.
      • Receive up to two more ballots if you make a mistake while marking the ballot.
      • Bring an interpretor to assist you as you qualify to vote if you do not understand the English language.
      • Help to cast your ballot if you cannot write, see the ballot, or understand the language in which it was written.
      • Report a possible voting rights abuse to the Secretary of State (1-800-252-8683) or to your local election official.
      • Cast a provisional ballot if your name does not appear on the list of registered voters or you do not have proper identification.
      • Vote once at an early voting location during the early voting period within the territory conducting the election.
      • File an administrative complaint with the Secretary of State concerning violations of federal and state voting procedures.
  • Harris Votes
    • Find Your Poll & Ballot
    • Vote by Mail
    • Military & Overseas Voters
    • Early Voting
    • Sample Ballot
    • County Wide Precinct Map
    • Update Your Voter Name & Address to Match Your ID
    • Election Results

Other Resources

We will update information as it becomes available throughout the 2016 election year.